Try Fereto Organics!

Lately, more and more women are reading the labels on cosmetic products with the intention of choosing the paraben-free ones. This is due to the fact that some researchers believe there is a connection between parabens and breast cancer, since their presence has been found in tumoral tissue coming from sufferers.

Organic dermocosmetics and the authentic, natural products are the ideal way of avoiding parabens and all the ingredients that can have a harmful effect on your health. They never contain noxious ingredients such as parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, silicon, mineral oils, synthetic colorants, acrylic polymers, propylene glycol, synthetic perfume, and formaldehyde.

When choosing a cosmetic product, you have to remember that good health is maintained by careful and prudent selection. Health is not a cost, but an investment!

Fereto Organics is the first Romanian brand specialized in organic dermocosmetics. Our products are designed and created by chemists in France and are 100% organic, with a bio-certification from Qualité France guaranteeing environmental consideration. Our packaging is made from recycled, biodegradable materials, and none of our products have ever been tested on animals.

Fereto Products replace water – a basic ingredient found in traditional creams – with precious plant extracts, coming from biological cultures. These are selected and refined through a complex distillation process which ensures absolute purity.

Essentially, Fereto is going back to the roots of cosmetology. We want to combine nature and science; these products represent the final stage of thorough research into the active principles and plant extracts.

So, we propose a test: try switching from regular cosmetics to Fereto products and visibly notice the changes. You will see your skin regain its special glow and a much healthier look!