A warning from Doctor Oz: the chemicals found in cosmetics can make us sick!

You doubtlessly heard that chemicals found in most cosmetics show a major risk of making you sick after a prolonged use. Doctor Oz, USA’s most popular medic, confirms this fear and sends a warning signal, explaining that the ingredients found in your beauty products are damaging your health.

Various studies have identified the main chemicals that can make you sick, and their names are pretty suggestive: pesticides, reproductive toxins, hormonal disruptors, carcinogens (cancer causing substances) and so on. Specialized tests have revealed that 80% of all the cosmetics available on the market contain at least one dangerous chemical substance, which increases the risk of illness due to prolonged use.

Doctor Oz says that the biggest danger posed by chemicals found in cosmetics is targeting hormones and their natural balance in the human body. The endocrine system is a mechanism which uses glands to fine tune biological processes such as growth, development, metabolism, tissue functioning and mood.

Synthetic chemicals block these natural messages sent by the body, resulting in:

1. Acne / skin problems
2. Fat
3. Excessive hair
4. Predisposition to giving birth to a malformed child
5. Cancer

Metylparaben and propylparaben – two chemicals that affect our body hormones – are found in all body lotions and hydrating creams and, together with propylene glycol found in stick deodorants, increase the product’s skin absorption process. But, along with that, it also lets in other less inviting chemicals and impurities.

Even the so called “natural” products contain chemicals. A product which is declared “natural” by its manufacturer can receive this distinction even if the percentage of natural ingredients is only 1%. These dangerous substances are found in rather small quantities in different cosmetic products, but their daily use can have negative effects on our health. These effects begin to show over the years, depending on each individual’s body and resistance.

Organic cosmetics are not to be trifled with, but rather a necessity for any woman who refuses to destroy her body with hundreds of chemicals found in regular products. “Organic” means more than “natural”. “Organic” means 100% natural; it means that these cosmetic products are the result of work carried out by a team of professionals. It means the ingredients were grown without fertilizers or chemical solutions, and have been extracted through natural processes.

There are countless benefits to using organic cosmetics. Once you make the shift from regular cosmetics to organic ones, you will notice how your skin regains its special shine and a much healthier look. In addition, thanks to pure natural ingredients, organic cosmetics nourish the organism with a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which strengthen the immune system and protect you against dangers from the environment.

Why do we choose organic cosmetics? Because we care about our health!